Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ventriloquist Conventions.

Conventions, Conventions, Conventions. Is it really that important to attend a convention and, if so, which convention do I attend? If this is the question that is going through your head let me give your first, my opinion on conventions from a little history about me.

When I was about 12 years old I started performing ventriloquism. I never even knew about ventriloquism, let alone, knew how many ventriloquists there were in the whole country. As far as ventriloquism was concerned, the only ones I knew existed were the ones on TV and the others that came to my home town every once in a while. Soon I started making some money and my Dad bought me my first "professional" ventriloquist figure from Abbott's Magic Company. It was great but I wanted something that was unique. So I check my resources and found Alan Semok who made Ziff for me. Also, through Alan and Mark Wade I found out about VentHaven and at the age of 18, attended my first convention.

What an eye opener! The first thing I did after I had attended the convention that evening was call my dad and tell him "I stink" . There were so many people there that were so much better than me. Here's the thing. They were not standoffish, they did not horde their secrets to themselves. They were willing to share and teach all the techniques that they learned with me. This was amazing, distant voice, telephone voice, muffled voice all were available to me if I would just sit down with someone and listen to them. That being said, my opinion is, you need to attend a convention! That's it. It's that simple.

Now that we have decided that if you ever want to be successful in ventriloquism you should attend a convention. Second is, which convention to attend. By far the convention that has the most successful ventriloquists attending is VentHaven in Ft. Mitchell, Ky. You want to meet Jeff Dunham, Mark Wade, Ken Groves, Bob Ladshaw, Jimmy Nelson, Dan Horn or the numerous others that will be there? This is the place! Great training, great fellowship and rubbing shoulders with the best of the best. This is where I learned many of the great techniques I use today. VentHaven ventriloquist convention is July 18-21, 2007. Click Here for more information.

Another convention that I have attended is One Way Street's I-Fest (International Festival of Puppetery and Ventriloquism). This convention may not have the more popular ventriloquists attending, but it is more relaxing and personal. Great friendships have been made through this convention. Mind you, this is a Christian convention. You won't have any adult routines here. What you will have is classes, lots of them. And a whole week of learning and fellowship. It is held at Olivett University in Bourbonnais, IL. The dates are July 9-14, 2007 (or SuperFest which is July 12-14, 2007). Good food, good fellowship and great worship! This convention is a great place to meet new people and get new ideas for your show. And if you want to learn manipulation, this is a puppetry convention as well! For more information on I-Fest Click Here.

Any convention you attend, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. So what are you waiting for? Go register now!!

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