Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Day with Ronn Lucas.

I spent the day today, June 4th 2008, with Ronn Lucas. After catching his show in Vegas at the Excalaber, I introduced myself and we spent the whole day together. I have to tell you I was highly impressed with Ronn and his hospitality. He was very cordial and treated me like a friend he had known for year.

It isn't very often that you talk to someone in the position that Ronn is in and get treated the way that Ronn treated me. I was very impressed with the way Ronn actually took time out of his day to give me a little time to discuss ventriloquism, business and more.

Ronn's show was very entertaining and I definately suggest if you are in Vegas, take time to catch Ronn's show. It is going on at 2:00pm Tuesday through Sunday as well as a Friday night show.

Thanks Ronn and God Bless you in all that you do!

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Shanthakumar said...

Your website is very much useful since you have taken time to cover various topics.

Everybody says, this year vent convention was really great and the best one.

May I know from you and some other ventriloquists as to what you knew in the convention? If you give it in the form of TIPS FOR OTHER VENTRILOQUISTS, it would be useful to ventriloquists like me, who could not afford to attend the convention due to proximity and financial constraints. The tips may look ordinary but it doesn't matter.

Only when you help or teach others, you would also be benefitted by attaining perfection and getting new ideas...