Monday, July 18, 2005

VentHaven, a booming success!!

Well, it seems as though venthaven ventriloquist convention was another booming success. By the reviews read on the World Vent List there was nothing but positive things when it comes to the worlds oldest conVENTion.

Have to give a hand to all involved in putting this together and W.S. Berger for the ventriloquist museum (pictured above). I'm sure, by reading the reviews, that if you get a chance to attend next year, do so!!

One of the great things about this convention is that you learn so much in the 3 to 4 days that your there. Not to mention the entertainment you receive. (Oh wait, I did mention it, never mind!!) I would have to say that, only attending the convention twice, I wished I could attend every year. Oh well, maybe next year ....... Lord willing and the creek don't rise. To keep informed about venthaven and the next conVENTion go to . BTW, don't forget about Vegas,

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