Sunday, July 17, 2005

Distant Voice (How to do)

Probably the best way to describe how to do the distant voice is to, first of all, describe what it is not. The distant voice is not just talking quiet or lowering your voice. I have actually set in on classes that explained how to do distant voice and, after the instructor explained in detail how to do distant voice, half of the vents in training just tried to lower their voices instead of trying the technique. That being said, here is how you do the distant voice.

The way to practice, and you will have to practice, the distant voice it to make a groaning in the back of the throat. If you ever got hit in the stomach and lost your wind, that is exactly the noise you need to use, or try to duplicate, to make the distant voice. It's easier to explain either on tape or in person than in writing. But this is the way it was explained to me by Michael Shirley way back in 1980 at the VentHaven ConVENTion.

If anyone has any other suggestions, or would like to explain further in detail, how to do the distant voice, feel free to comment on this blog.

Look for more soon.

Daniel Jay Robison

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