Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Distant Voice

How About the Distant Voice
Have any of you ever tried the Distant Voice? How would you teach someone else how to do it? Let me tell you a little story about the distant voice. My first ventriloquist convention, July 1980, I had been performing ventriloquism for about 13 years at this point. Now, I had never met another ventriloquist so I was excited to be here. I was 19 and thought I knew it all.
Well, Mark Wade got on stage at the Drawbridge Motor Inn and started to welcome everyone and then, from a distance I heard," Hey Mark!", "Nice distant voice" Mark replied. This happened quite a few times and then I realized, this voice wasn't from a distance it was right behind me! Sitting right behind me was none other than Nacho Estrada.
I went back to my hotel that night and called my parents. "I stink" was the first thing I told my Dad. I had never seen so many great ventriloquists in my whole life and had never heard anything like the distant voice before. I realized that I had a lot to learn. Thankfully, I hooked up with a vent by the name of Michael Shirley who knew how to do the distant voice and sat me down and taught me how to do it correctly.
Next, how to correctly get that distant voice sound!

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