Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Know Your Figure

OK so that's one type of figure. But that's not the type of figure I'm talking about. I'm talking about knowing your ventriloquist figure. What do I mean by that? Here's one suggestion. Write down a list of questions you might ask a mentor or someone you are interested in. Then, ask your figure the same questions. Listen to an interview on TV by a talk show host and decide how your figure might answer these questions.
What else can you do to get to know your figure? Put them in situations and see how they might handle them. Let's say, for example, your figure says he's going to treat you to an ice cream cone. After you both order and get your cones your figure reaches into his/her pocket and notices they only have enough money to pay for one of the cones. How would your figure react? What kind of routine could you come up with? What kind of emotions is your figure going through?
You get the picture. Now, at the bottom of this blog there is a place to make comments. Why don't you take a minute and post some other ways you might be able to get to know your figure better. It would be an advantage to all who read this blogger. Have a great day!!

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Lawrence E. Harris said...

A very good post. I think I get a lot out of development of the figure's character by having a simple theme and expanding on it in many diffent directions, but with one thing in mind and that is having a complete personality for the character. You can have the figure talking about his likes and dislikes and his/her family, as well as jobs boyfriends/girlfriends.

This is just my take.