Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Axtell Canadian Goose

If I wouldn't get shot for buying one more puppet this would be the one for me. Living in Ohio I think this puppet would be perfect. The funny thing is, we have Canadian Geese all over Ohio all year round! I think the Ohio geese fly south and the Canadian geese think that Ohio is south. Anyway, love the new puppet Steve, keep up the good work! You can view all new Axtell puppets at


Steve Axtell said...

Thanks. Yes I grew up in Ohio and remember flocks and flocks of them. And we never called them "Canada Geese" we always called them "Canadian Geese". I guess that was wrong. I was corrected by several folks when I put out Gus! Ha. Ax

Steve Axtell said...

Daniel, I'm from Ohio too (Sandusky, Willard, Galion)... we always called them "Canadian Geese" but I have been corrected 100 times by folks on-line that it's "Canada Geese". So... Buckeye that! : )) Ax